Show 20191016

Another opportunity to lead from behind and rehearse for better days, it is The Will Robertson Show! 

Thank you and good evening. Welcome to show 20191016, for Wednesday, October 16, 2019. 

Tonight, an open discussion about the 30th anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake. Where were you when it happened? 

To mark the occasion, a new app is launched! 


This is my outline, my rough draft, for the episode never recorded. Just ran out of time. 

Have a good life!

New episode of TWRS 

Yes, indeed, the first new episode has been created and posted. I intend to return to a regular schedule, twice weekly. Every Saturday and Wednesday a new episode will be posted. The Mid-Week Report will be a unique look at the news and whatever meets my mind for opinion sharing. You are welcome to participate by emailing me your thoughts to be read or commenting via my show's Twitter feed. I am looking at other routes to make this program interactive. 

Talk again soon, 

TWRS returns soon...

I am announcing now, for all to know, The Will Robertson Show will be returning to the air, or rather the Internet space, very soon. I am thinking, the middle to later half of next month (May 2012). Check back here for updates. Also, this is where links and articles used on the show will be posted. So, this is the site for what's happening with TWRS! 

Till next post...and beyond!